Malaka Of The Week: John Fleming


John Fleming is a Congressman from North Louisiana. He’s another dipshit right wing Doctor. I’m pleased to report that he’s an Ole Miss doc, not an LSU one. He’s said a lot of stupid shit over the years but something came out of his pie hole the other day that took the proverbial cake. And that is why John Fleming is malaka of the week.

Louisiana Gopers only make TPM when they say something ludicrous. Here’s how good ole Doc Fleming (I refuse to call him Doctor John for obvious reasons) made news:

“Make no mistake about it: this is a part of a grand plan for the Democrat Party to make this nation into a single-party state,” Fleming said while discussing Obama’s executive action on immigration on the Virginia-based radio program “The John Fredericks Show.”

Fleming warned that the action on immigration, combined with lax voter registration rules, would lead to massive numbers of undocumented immigrants casting votes for Democrats.

Undocumented immigrants are “very, very consistent Democrat voters” who “come from cultures that look to government for solutions,” he said.

“That Democrat Party knows this, and they know that if they can’t win elections using American citizens, this is a good way to go around that.”

Fleming added that Democrats had already turned California into a single-party state, “and you see the devastating impact it’s having there.”

I don’t where to begin. Let’s start with one of his lesser malakatudes, the thing about California. It’s a sign that he gets all his national news from Fox. California elected the most qualified person in the state Governor in 2010 and he turned its economy around. Additionally, Jerry Brown is a legendary cheapskate who’s not even all that liberal on fiscal issues. The Gret Stet’s current Governor is a pandering idiot who’s run state government into the ground and his likely successor is David Vitter. California is on the comeback trail whereas Louisiana is on the skids. Thanks, PBJ.

Does Doc Malaka even know what a “single-party state” is? He makes it sound as if President Obama is out to revive the Soviet Union or, even worse, turn the US & A into Cuba. If that’s the plan it only works in alternate years. Remember the 2010 and 2014 off-year elections, Doc? Y’all won. Me, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more vintage ’50’s cars on the streets. I love me some chrome and tail fins…

It’s also beyond preposterous for a Southern Republican to issue warnings about a “single-party state.” It used to be a solidly Democratic South and then all the Dixiecrats became Republicans. Louisiana held out against the red tide for quite some time but succumbed in the wake of Katrina and the Federal Flood. The Gret Stet GOP wave accelerated after the election of the first black President although people like good ole Doc Malaka assure us that it has nothing to do with race. I guess that’s why Louisiana voted for Thurmond in 1948 and Wallace in 1968…

It gets worse. Fleming wants to succeed Bitter Vitter in the Senate. To further those frightening ambitions, he’s endorsed Vitter for Governor and is hoping to be appointed by Diaper Dave as his successor. Vitter already controls Double Bill Cassidy and given the fact that Fleming is as dumb as dirt, he’ll be Vitty’s man as well. That’s a lot of power for one politician to hold. Doc Malaka ought to be more careful who he calls a dictator considering that with his help Diaper Dave could be the Juan Peron of Louisiana. I refuse to make the Kingfish comparison because Huey would want to kick Vitter, Cassidy, and Fleming up the ass for their egregious malakatude. One of them, however, isn’t stupid but I’m not talking about Doc Malaka. And that is why John Fleming is malaka of the week.

My reverie about vintage American cars gave me an earworm so I’ll give John Hiatt the last word: