Friday Catblogging: Only The Shadow Knows

I’m way too young for the radio show The Shadow. STFU and stop laughing, Jude. The main reason it entered my consciousness is that the Shadow’s secret identity was Lamont Cranston, and for some reason my mother conflated that with the name of the fine liberal Senator from California, Allan Cranston. She always called the Senator that including the time we met him together. He smiled and said, “I get that all the time.” Anyway, she was not prone to malaprops, that’s a specialty of Dr. A’s family.

Here are Oscar and Della Street lurking in the shadows:


Via the magic of the Google, I learned that there’s a Lamont Cranston Band out of Minnesota. They play the blues, which is fitting because Della is a natural blooze singer:

3 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Only The Shadow Knows

  1. The various identities of The Shadow are a bit more complicated than that. The Pulp Magazine version, which preceded the radio show (sort of, it’s complicated) was actually Kent Allard, who borrowed the persona of Lamont Cranston, as the latter was often out of NYC being a playboy millionaire. That’s the short version.

  2. I recall spinning Lamont-Cranston Band LPs at my college radio station c. 1980. Good stuff.

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