Friday Ferretblogging: Stuffies Drinking Beer and Chasing Each Other

ferret beeer

Why does no US bar offer this as a sport? 

With a 50 pence ($0.78) entry fee for ferrets, 27 of the animals, which are members of the Mustelid family, competed in nine heats for a place in the finals. The rest of the barn was a multidiscipline ferret extravaganza. There was a timed track, a loop-the-loop and ferret roulette. In this variation on the casino game, players bet on which of six drainpipes a ferret will emerge from. It was all for charity, with proceeds going to the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association, which helps people and animals in distress.

In his prime, Bucky would have ROCKED THIS SHIT.

Speaking of Bucky, found out last Friday at the vet that in addition to his cancer he has some kind of liver disease as well. So now he’s on three different meds twice a day, and special feedings including whatever chicken/turkey baby food Kick refuses to eat.

I make her a bowl of mush every night, and then make him a bowl of mush. This is how those of you with more than one child do it, right?


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