How Many People Need to Suffer for Discrimination to be Wrong?

Rod Dreher, being stupid on purpose: 

That’s the other thing about the Indiana freakout: Where, exactly, are the many examples of businesses discriminating against same-sex patrons? If Indiana in 2015 were like Mississippi in 1956, that would be one thing. But the number of cases nationwide where this has happened has been small, involving rare instances in which a commercial service is arguably a form of coerced expression.

America has changed on homosexuality — for the better, in most cases. Refusing to serve gay customers is bad for business, which is why almost nobody does it. It is understandably offensive to gay couples to have, say, a baker refuse on religious grounds to make their wedding cake. But in today’s America, there are many more bakers who would love their business. Besides, a country in which gay rights is enjoying landslide approval is a country that can afford to give a modicum of protection — a day in court — to religious dissenters from popular sentiment.

Yeah! If it’s just a LITTLE discrimination, now and then, that’s fine. If it’s just a few people getting hurt, say, beat up coming out of clubs or getting shitcanned because their bosses think they’re flouncy, then really, what’s the big deal? Those few people can suffer to make Rod Dreher feel like he’s being heard. His feelings are just as important as their actual lives, after all.

I wonder how bad it has to get, for Rod Dreher to think discrimination is worth addressing. I wonder how many restaurants have to put up “no fags” signs, or what the language has to be. He’s the one who decides, apparently, when other people are really hurt. I wonder how he got that job, deciding what discrimination was legitimate enough to interfere with his life.


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  1. Good point!

    So we can beat the shit out of someone named “Rod Dreher”, and it’s TOTALLY okay because there really aren’t that many people named “Rod Dreher”.

    I’m sure that plan will be very educational. For Rod Dreher.

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