Headline Of The Day: Fast Food Malakatude Edition

The MSM have been making asses of themselves since Hillary Clinton threw her headband in the ring. This headline on a Wall Street Journal blog is the apogee of stupid:

Clinton Bypassed Centrist Taco Bell For Liberal Favorite Chipotle

The post goes on to share semi-interesting marketing data about which chain attracts liberal customers. Here’s the deal: Hillary was hungry and sometimes one just wants to have a burrito the size of a Great Dane’s head.

2 thoughts on “Headline Of The Day: Fast Food Malakatude Edition

  1. I never thought of it as being “the size of a Great Dane’s head” but I sure will from now on.

    “Mmmm…great burrito!”

    “No, great Dane burrito!!”

  2. Why would anyone ever go to a Taco Bell when there’s a Chipotle across the road? I say this as someone who frequents Taco Bell way too often. 🙂

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