SarahPac Is Still A Thing?

I somehow got on the email list for something called the American Action Network. It’s a right wing PAC that claims to be center-right but it’s board is full of wingers, lobbyists, and defeated pols like Norm Coleman. You remember Norm, he’s the guy who won the fluke Minnesota election in 2002 and narrowly lost to my main man Al Franken in 2008.

Their latest missive belies their claim of being center-right: SarahPac is one of their sponsors and they want me to give them $20 or more to get a bumpersticker. Holy mark-up, Batman. Here’s the pitch:

Fellow Patriot, 

We all know it’s true, Ronald Reagan was the greatest President of the 20th century. He knew how to lead and how to defend America at home and abroad. Like us, in these times of weak leadership from President Obama, sometimes you find yourself asking “What Would Reagan Do?”

Well, if Reagan were still President ISIS would be WAS-WAS! You know it’s true, and now you can show how a courageous President would act in the face of a national security threat.

This isn’t about partisanship, it’s about showing what a true leader would do. Now, more than ever, we need a President like Reagan to make ISIS WASWAS.

Show all your family, friends, and passersby that you still support President Reagan with this one-of-a- kind item. Act now because these will sell out fast!

Nice to know that we can support Zombie Ronnie by wasting money on this rubbish:


I bet Zombie Ronnie could walk on water and solve all our problems by being all manly and shit. Of course, he was the President who cut and run from Lebanon and whose minions did the whole Iran-Contra thing. Details can be pesky. You betcha.

The biggest surprise of all this is that SarahPac still exists. Who knew?

I’m not sure, however, what they have against Was (Not Was) and why they don’t understand that a certain terrorist group cannot be ISIS anymore since that stands for Islamic State In Syria. (The MSM is equally acronymically impaired.) They’ve declared a new caliphate which is a fate worse than death and makes certain people get Mahdi just thinking of it. Enough with the puns, it’s time to walk the dinosaur:




4 thoughts on “SarahPac Is Still A Thing?

  1. Grifters gonna grift.

    Speaking of which, my 16yo’s AP English class got to hear Ben Carson speak when he came to town a couple of days ago. Her assessment was complex and nuanced and spanned the course of a leisurely evening meal, but two quick takeaways are:

    1) He talked as if it is still possible for just anyone to pull themselves out of the ghetto and work their way through college, when in fact the cost of college has far outstripped growth in the minimum wage. The exact words she used were “clueless” and “condescending.”

    2) He spoke too softly and monotonously. That actually surprised me; I figured someone as rabidly adored by wingnuts as he must be at least a half-decent public speaker, but apparently not.

  2. Hey you forgot – Ronnie courageously invaded GRENADA! Murika’s finest military hour. Remember the journalists greeting the landing forces on the beach? LOLOLOL Good times.

  3. Before Reagan was elected, his operatives made a deal with the Iranian Islamic rulers to delay releasing the hostages in exchange for arms shipments in order to undermine Carter’s reelection bid. It was by this deal – the “October Suprise” – that Iran freed the hostages upon Reagan’s inauguration, and not because of Reagan’s huffing and puffing and making the mullahs quake in their robes. Iran/Contra was just more follow-through(See R. Parry’s for tons of material on it).

    So, we know all too well What Reagan Would Do.

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