The World is Always Burning: Game of Thrones Thread


Show me a picture of you now. And a picture of you before the thing that happened to you, that made you what you are.

Do those people look like each other?

Do you remember what it felt like, walking in that person’s skin?

If the system doesn’t work, Dany burns it the fuck down.

That’s been her go-to strategy from day one. This is the way things are? Oh, I will SHOW you the way things are. The way things are is the way we make them, and I can unmake them, unmend them, unmatch them. Just watch me.

She burned the House of the Undying. She ate the beating heart of a stallion. She crowned her vicious brother in gold. And she freed the slaves.

Now she says, the law is the law?

The law is only the law so long as you want it to be, girlfriend, so knock it off already.

Quick takes: #TEAMSHIREEN FOREVER. God, I love her, her fierceness and generosity and courage. Suddenly I want her to be the Queen in the North. Speaking of the Queen in the North, FUCK YEAH LYANNA MORMONT, daughter of Bear Island, who says shove your southron kings, I’ll wait for the next Stark to come along thank you very much. Even Stannis had to admire that.

I was wondering if we were going to see Lollys. In the books she gets gang-raped and impregnated and goes super-crazy, but here she’s just kind of dumb and daffy. I like the idea of a Jaime and Bronn road movie.

Where is Brienne’s storyline going? It feels like in circles.

Shorter Kevan Lannister: I did not sign up for your soap opera, you are exhausting, I want my own bed and my own servants and nobody here knows how to poach a goddamn egg properly. AUDI 5000 BITCHES.

The thing about power is how easy it is to convince yourself that you are powerless.

I mean it, how many times a day do we say this, guys? “There was nothing I could do.” How many times do we repeat it when we’re trying to sleep at night and the vodka’s not doing the job? “That’s just how it is.” As if everything around us wasn’t created by man, as if even stones are always and forever. As if we didn’t build the prisons, before we cursed the bars.

We convince ourselves we’re powerless. Tyrion, whining in the carriage about how he should have left King’s Landing with Shae. Jon Snow, acting like the words he spoke before the heart tree aren’t words, aren’t wind. Ellaria Sand, shouting for Doran to act, provoking and insulting and doing everything she can to make someone else fight her fight.

And Dany stands between Masters and Slaves, between Daario (who is so on my last nerve I cannot tell you) and Ser Barristan the Hot, and says the law is the law.

We convince ourselves we’re powerless over what we don’t want to change. Over what we just don’t feel like doing. We convince ourselves we have no choice, that we’re too tired, that it’s too much, that nobody will care if everything just stays the same. We convince ourselves the problems are too big and we’re too small, that the fault isn’t ours, that circumstances were beyond our control. And we go home, and we turn out the lights, and we don’t feel any better. Not one little bit.

The law is the law? You are the law. You made the law ten minutes ago and now you want to claim it shackles you, when you hold the keys.


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  1. I like your analysis, but I don’t think Daenerys executes the former slave because she felt she was powerless. I think it was the harder decision for her, because she liked him and he did it for her, and she knew it would be unpopular. But it was the neophyte’s mistake of not knowing when to bend the rules.

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