Happy National Pothole Day

You may have heard that potholes are a longstanding problem here in New Orleans. I suspect the rest of you lot have your share as well. A New Orleans group called Fix My Streets has declared today National Pothole Day. There’s already such a day in the United Kingdom, which is celebrated on January, 16. It’s bound to be a perennial holiday there after the re-election of the Tory austerity government. Repeat after me: Posh Boys = Potholes.

I know what you’re thinking: another man/woman made holiday. All holidays are created by someone and this beats the hell out of the ones that want you to reach for your wallet. This holiday asks the guvmint to reach into its pocket and spend our tax money on infrastructure.

What’s an ode to National Pothole Day without some pictures? We begin with one from my yellow blogger buddy Jeffrey who has become a Twitter legend as @skooks. Jeff’s pothole was there from July, 2010 to January, 2015.  This still life dates from March, 2011 and is called Pothole sofa:


Speaking of the Tweeter Tube, this is an amusing one:

Now that I’ve got you all riled up and ready to storm the barricades, it’s time to cool you down and give Nick Lowe the last word: