5 thoughts on “Talking to Your Kids about Caitlyn Jenner

  1. Nice.
    To be followed, perhaps, by a warning that “fixing” it in that way requires careful thought and is not a DIY procedure.

  2. Just hoping her story doesn’t push out any other dialogue on transgenders. This seems to be more about HER and less about the T in LGBT.

  3. re vanity fair & plastic surgery. looks like jener does not wanna be a woman, but wants fro be a tart. ACK! NO WANT NO WANT. tho, i loved john stewart’s piece last night.

  4. It really is that easy. My offspring had no problem getting it, but we covered this issue when Project Runway featured an All-Star contestant that was presenting as a different gender than in a previous appearance. Whatever Caitlyn’s reasons are for doing Vanity Fair- and let’s be honest, who would turn down a chance to work with Annie Leibowitz!- don’t matter to me. The story is doing a little more to make a community a part of mainstream media, and for every little kid that knows she should be wearing a dress instead of pants, that is a good thing. Someone somewhere saw that cover and thought “That could be me one day.”

    My bigger concern is that too many people are focusing on how amazing she looks. Yes, she is super hot, but I don’t want the conversation to be that trans* is okay when you can look good doing it. I don’t want Caitlyn’s journey to define how every person should transition or what rules we have for accepting people.

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