The appeal of the entire homeschooling phenomenon has always eluded me. I think that kids need to be socialized as much as they need to be educated. It’s become a right wing evangelical thing over the years; one that erstwhile Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is eager to tap into in his upcoming run for the GOP nomination. The key player in this strategy is PBJ’s right-hand man, Timmy Teepell who was homeschooled himself.

My old friend Lamar White Jr. has written a swell post about Bobby, Timmy, and the homeschool movement at Salon. Check it out. Btw, neither Lamar nor I think this strategy will work. The whole thing reminds me of a 2007 post I wrote at my old stand about PBJ and Teepell and why they like to be addressed as if they were 5 year olds, The Teevee Boys.

3 thoughts on “Homeschooled

  1. In your righteous mission to make fun of PBJ (of which I wholeheartedly approve) I ask that you please not make the mistake of stereotyping homeschoolers.

    I homeschooled my children, but not for the Dugger-esque fear of humanism reasons. I homeschooled them because it was very obvious to me that I could do a better job of it, was fortunate enough to be able to do so, and also had a very clear memory of how absolutely boring formal schooling is when it isn’t cruel. The result of my efforts are two very intelligent, articulate, and capable adults who had childhoods of exploration and being able to follow their own interests. I also know that this experience and outcome were not mine alone, because in my circle of friends I knew a couple of dozen others who were doing the same and for the same reasons.

    For me, the socialization angle is a false argument; there is nothing less socializing than sitting silent and still in rows for six hours a day. Compare that to my children, who were out in the world talking to people and watching adults go through their days while their peers were locked inside watching videos of lessons. What social lessons are we expecting them to gain from that?

    That said; yeah PBJ’s position here is blatant pandering.

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful reply Alger. I’ve only met homeschoolers who fit the stereotype before.Not surprised to hear that it can work when done properly.

    1. I entirely understand, and believe you me, that stereotype is a common perception and one with more than a little truth to it. The legal basis for homeschooling is founded in the same kind of first amendment/religious freedom arguments as the current fainting couch nonsense surrounding marriage equality, and birth control and the ACA. As a result a number of people who are the least capable of socializing and educating their children into modern society are the first to opt in, and then become the most vocal advocates. The Duggerites that dominate the homeschool landscape are the steep price unschoolers have to pay for the ability to give their children a superior educational experience. Unfortunately, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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