Sunday Morning Video: Smile Live- Brian Wilson

Smile was the album that led to Brian Wilson’s crackup and to a huge fight with his band mates. It was shelved and partially salvaged as Smiley Smile. Smile wasn’t released in the form desired by Brian until the 21st Century. It’s quirky, odd, and more like Zappa than the Beach Boys at times.  You’ll note that the verses of Good Vibrations have different lyrics than the hit single; they were written by Van Dyke Parks who wrote all the lyrics for Smile.

Here’s some Sunday morning lagniappe, Brian and his band playing Pet Sounds live:


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: Smile Live- Brian Wilson

  1. I get the “Smile” DVD out from time to time, just to listen to “Our Prayer”.
    Nothing can go wrong with your day after that.

  2. I readily admit – I don’t get the Beach Boys or Brian Wilson. I read the criticisms, articles, praises, histories and they’re all convincing. And I sit down and put on Pet Sounds or Smile . . and I turn it off again in 5 minutes. It’s just not my taste. I start flashing on my upbringing because my Mom listened to The Lettermen and other early 60’s pop that didn’t challenge the mind or world. (I was born in ’72)

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