Either You’re Selling Baby Parts or You Aren’t

It’s a binary state.

Does Planned Parenthood sell body parts for profit?

You can’t tell, from reading AMERICA’S MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS:

Planned Parenthood has come under intense scrutiny after an anti-abortion group released a series of videos it says shows that the nonprofit group is making money off of the sale of fetal tissue, a practice the group denies.

He said, she said, who can tell what the real truth is?

I mean, it’s not like there’s evidence, right?

It’s not like anyone has officially looked into it?

There are just two equal, opposing sides which must be presented in order to avoid pissing everyone off. Avoiding the pissing off of everyone is the highest obligation of a journalist. Stating facts is so rude. Calling someone incorrect is so rude. Saying “a practice which does not exist” or “a practice which does not take place” or “a practice about which these fetus-fetishists are completely deluded and by the way fuck the governors and senators who are taking their cues from these rabid ditch critters sideways with a rusty rake” is so very, very rude indeed.

Easier to say two sides disagree about whether money is changing hands for fetal organs, and ignore the total absence of either.