Crack Van Highlights

Well, that was a hugely entertaining shitshow from which Walker, Bush, Cruz and Rubio gained nothing and Trump emerged unscathed mostly because would he even notice if anybody landed a punch? I think he might have been really loaded the whole time.

You all were on fire, though:

 v4v: we should totes let people save their own money for retirement, because that worked so great  in the 20s

 montag47: Ex[laining taxes to Huckabee is like explaining quantum theory to a cow.

 danps: “christie, how did you like the taste of my yooge balls?”

 M31: Back from ferret sitting.  Anyone say anything  mind-bogglingly stupid?
 Lex: M31: Everyone but Kasich.

danps: Fiorina would have laid off the Iranian negotiating team
MDukes: Fiorina would have purchsed Iran’s nuclear tech for 655 gajillion dollars, then proceed to fuck it up and try to use it in an inkjet printer

 genegaudette: Athenae: “Mr. Trump, who would you Not allow to suckle the plums of prosperity?”

Soprano: Walker needs to try to talk in sentences.

 Garbo: People with Reagan in the drinking game going into coma

 Lex: Trump: I’ve completely forgotten anything I ever learned about WWII.

 The Kenosha Kid: If you had to gay-marry one person on this stage….

bill: Which one is least likely to secretly be Batman?

spocko: Trump: Only stupid people pay taxes.

 Roadmaster: Trump – I am Master Of Christie’s Domain


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