Own What You Want

Wow, what would it look like if we all just took responsibility? 

Huffington Post Editorial Director Danny Shea took to the MSNBC program to defend the site’s decision to relegate coverage of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to the entertainment section.

“For me, the fundamental issue is that we’re not passive observers here in the Trump show, we have a role to play and nobody can deny that his poll numbers are fueled by non-stop media coverage which you wouldn’t give him if he weren’t a celebrity,” Shea said. “You’re not giving Bernie Sanders the wall-to-wall coverage because he’s not taking you on his helicopter for people to just go for joyrides above the Iowa State Fair.”

Cover whatever you want to cover. Have ten web sites devoted to Donald Trump or have no coverage of him whatsoever. But stop pretending you are powerless. It’s embarrassing.