Tweets Of The Day: Texas Napoleon Returns To His Waterloo

One of the most annoying, aggravating, and irksome things about this year’s Katrinaversary is, of course, George W Bush returning to the scene of the crime. He’s about as popular here as a dead refrigerator full of rancid, rotting crab, shrimp, and crawfish. Maggots have a higher approval rating in Orleans Parish than Bush.

Two NOLA Twitteratti rather neatly summed up my un-resilient reaction to the news of Bush visiting this upcoming Friday.

I can never get enough of John Fogerty’s post-K rant and roll song, Long Dark Night, so I’ll give him the last word:

Brownie’s in the outhouse
Katrina on the line
Government’s a disaster
But Georgie, he says it’s fine

Come on,
Lord you’d better run
Be a long dark night
Before this thing is done


2 thoughts on “Tweets Of The Day: Texas Napoleon Returns To His Waterloo

  1. I’ll never forget the first time I met my better half’s family for the first time. He took me to Paris to meet them. They instantly fell in love with me when I said in my very best French “Je detest Georges Bush”! It was blissful!

    1. LOL. What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. Hope the French aren’t offended by the Napoleon comparison. 😉

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