Show Me An Anti-Hero…

…and I’ll show you a reformed sinner with a martyr complex. Why does it martyr?

I think Mary Elizabeth Williams nails the whole Kim Davis affair:

So she never imagined she’d be in this position? When at the time of her mother-in-law’s death, six U.S. states already had marriage equality? I think that Davis might either be a very poor planner or she’s not being entirely honest here. I do, however, believe her “heaven or hell” imperative. I believe she is convinced that she has transgressed profoundly, and that her belief in her forgiveness is what is driving her now. Who but a person who honestly believes she’s done things that would merit eternal suffering would be so very steadfast in refusing to do anything she thinks would put her back in such grave danger? Who but someone with such an apparent terror of the Lord’s retribution would be so resolute about refusing to uphold the Constitution of the United States, as she promised she would?

As Dan Savage notes, “It’s a pretty neat trick: If I bring up Kim Davis’s four marriages, I’m being rude and mean-spirited and her first three marriages are in the past and she’s saved now.” But I believe it’s more complicated. For Davis and her cohort, her past is both her shame and her credentials. They are evidence of her sin and her repentance, the things that grant her permission to judge others, and leave her no other choice but to do — and not do — as she chooses. She’s like an ex-gay who believes himself “cured” — her own perceived sins give her a sense of authoritative horror at the actions of others.

Even though she appears to be an opportunist and a hypocrite, Kim Davis is really a fanatic. She’s consumed with outrage like a reformed smoker in a cigar bar; a reformed alcoholic in a dive bar; or a reformed junkie in an opium den. She’s absolutely convinced of the rectitude of her cause. Additionally, she had a “revelation” when her mother-in-law died; how Mormon of her. She’s, of course, not LDS, but people will do crazy, self-defeating things when they think God is sitting on their shoulder, whispering in their ear. I call her an anti-hero at the top of the post but she’s like the people behind the Scopes monkey trial, and firmly believes in her own heroism. The judge in this case doesn’t give a damn: the law is on his side.

Thus far the reaction on the Right has been underwhelming. Sure, Gov PBJ and former Arkabilly Gov Huck Upchuck have supported Ms. Davis but many GOPers just wish this issue would go away. Does that mean it’s gone for good? Hell no, we find ourselves discussing contraception right now; many of the right’s issues are put in the deep freeze next to Walt Disney and Ted Williams (both ardent right-wingers, sorry BoSox fans) to be revived at a later date. Yes, I know that Uncle Walt’s body isn’t frozen but in this instance I’m like the editor at the end of Liberty Valance: “When the the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Time to circle back to the post title, which was influenced by David Simon’s Show Me A Hero. This saga of massive resistance to public housing in Yonkers, NY in the 1980’s is eerily relevant to many things that are going on today, including Kim Davis’ uncivil disobedience in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The pols who support her are pandering opportunists just like the hacks in Yonkers who fought with their mouths. If you haven’t seen Show Me A Hero, check it out OnDemand and HBOGo. The title comes from a quote from Scott Fitzgerald “Show me a hero, and  I’ll write you a tragedy.”

As I said before, Davis herself is a true believer and reformed sinner, not a hypocrite. That does not make her massive resistance any less odious but it explains why she’s doing it. She’s also delusional and poorly advised by lawyers who are every bit as fanatical and wingnutty as she is. Her resistance is doomed to fail, if she’s unwilling to follow the law, she should resign.

One more thing. Why is it always necessary to comment on a woman’s appearance and clothing when they’re in the news? The fact that Davis is dowdy has nothing to do with the issue at hand. We never hear about what male pols are wearing or the fact that Senator Aqua Buddha has pubic hair on his head. Perhaps the Insult Comedian with cotton candy piss hair is a break through in that regard. The MSM is obsessed with his hair and the fact that Trump collection ties are made in Mexico. Now there’s a hypocrite and opportunist.

I’ll give the last word to Da-Da-David Bowie:

UPDATE: Kim Davis has been found in contempt of court and is in the custody of the US Marshal’s service until she complies with the Judge’s order to issue marriage licenses to *everyone* in her jurisdiction.

4 thoughts on “Show Me An Anti-Hero…

  1. Once more, with feeling: when one uses public office to impose one’s religious beliefs on others, it is not the exercise of religious freedom. It is, by definition, religious tyranny.

    Davis is not acting in accordance to law, and it is the taxpayers who pay her salary, not her god. If she won’t act in accordance to law, then it’s time for her to resign. If she won’t resign, then she should be impeached and removed from office.

    This is not rocket science.

    1. That’s my bottom line as well. I’m just interested in other aspects of the story.

    2. No, Mrs. Davis isn’t acting in accordance with the law, at least not “man’s law,” which is the go-to for fundamentalists to say without saying “Satan’s law.” Mrs. Davis probably sees herself in the role of Esther, placed by God Almighty in her present position “for such a time as this.” It has fallen to her, and her alone, to save America from the Homosexual Scourge, and millions will flock to her righteous banner.

      The reality, of course, will be a lot more prosaic. Sitting around in a jail cell gets old real fast, even if you hear the adoring cheers of your fans, who will get bored soon enough and drift away. Mrs. Davis will also find out that her fellow travelers may not be the financial jackpot she thinks they are (if indeed she’s harboring some secret hope that her stand will be the ticket to earthly riches – I can’t speak to that).

      There is the fear of retribution and judgment, but let’s not discount entirely the ego bump from thinking that a person is persevering in the Lord’s work despite the unholy forces arrayed against one.

  2. I hope her lawyers are telling her that this is about compliance, not punishment. Once she obeys the court order, she’s free. Given the nature of the advice they’ve given thus far, I have my doubts.

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