Quote Of The Day: Execute The Bastard Edition

I’m a fan of good writing, especially when it’s in a scathing review of a bad movie or teevee show. A new show on FX, The Bastard Executioner, inspired Slate’s Willa Paskin to write a brilliant, bad review:

In this case, passion has called into being an incoherent Game of Thrones knock-off full of senseless carnage, wooden performances, a dash of nudity, and a few scenes so poorly executed they play like farce. The Bastard Executioner is monstrously fetid, a mound of gorgonzola stuffed into a dead catfish’s gullet, smoked in sulfur, doused with heavy cream and left to rot for weeks inside a port-o-potty in full sun.

Tell us how you really feel, Willa.