Bill Maher is a Bigoted, Racist, Sexist Shitbird

Because I occasionally agree with him, or think he was treated like crap after 9/11, does not change those facts: 

Maher made it clear that of course the Texas teen deserves an apology for being arrested over a clock, but said there’s nothing wrong with being a little suspicious when there’s a young Muslim student with something that “looks exactly like a fucking bomb” and there are young Muslims “blowing shit up” all over the world.

Young Muslims are not blowing shit up. Desperate, poor, creepative, religiously perverted, nihilistic people are blowing shit up, and Ahmed was none of these things. Had he written essays about how women are whores and the US is Satan and God is coming to fuck us all up, had he punched a teacher and binge-watched Osama’s YouTube channel, and THEN brought a weird-looking circuit board to school, okay. But he … came to school with a thing.

At which point, as numerous folks have pointed out, the principal did not evacuate the school or call the bomb squad and its robot detonators and dogs and stuff, so how real was this threat, and how much of this was about wanting to beat on a smart kid who was showing his invention off?

Maher’s an asshole who occasionally says smart things, which do not excuse his assholery. See also Dawkins, Richard. 


6 thoughts on “Bill Maher is a Bigoted, Racist, Sexist Shitbird

  1. Maher’s anger resonates if you agree with him. I don’t agree with him on this, but I do on most issues.

  2. I am not sure the kid didn’t purposely seek attention by his actions. If he did, it worked. What is curious to me is that if the principal didn’t think it was a bomb, why did the police overreact? There is wrong everywhere in this case including Maher’s generalization about young Muslims.

  3. couldn’t agree with you less. the “clock” looked like it COULD be a bomb. it’s a school. caution was called for. was dylan klebold a muslim? was eric harris a muslim? that was maher’s (and he agreed the whole thing was totally mis-handled after the original scare — apologies to the student owed indeed.)

    do you have school-age kids? if so, i suspect you’re the type who would sue the school for negligence if “the clock” HAD turned out to be a bomb — and never shut up about it because “your precious little darling” was in danger. my god, you’re insufferable.

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