Louisiana Politics: Angelle Of The Morning Or Fallen Angelle?

The Gret Stet Goober race continues to heat up. Make that reheat and rehash because that’s what two of the Republican candidates are doing. That’s right, David Vitter is playing to his strengths as an asshole and reviving one of his greatest hits: BLAME OBAMA FOR EVERYTHING. His latest ad rather feebly attempts to tie one of his GOP opponents to the President:

OMG, Scott Angelle was a Democrat for 31 years. We’re all going to Obama Hell, but at least we’ll have Obamaphones. Of course, the Gret Stet is full of party switchers and those who haven’t bothered. The father of a friend of mine is one of the most conservative people I know.  Even though he hasn’t voted for a Democrat in a Gret Stetwide race in 25 years, he’s still a registered Democrat. I somehow doubt that Right-Wing Dad will be horrified by this factoid. Btw, he’s a very nice man who once told me that he thought Bitter Vitter was a jerk. So it goes.

The Angelle camp fired back and, of course, doubled down on the Obama bashing:

What will the denizens of wingnuttia do after January, 20, 2016? They’ll have to find a new goat to scape or a new guy to fall. If Hillary is the next Oval One, expect a lot of menstrual flow jokes…

The reason Vitter targeted Angelle is that he seems to have what Poppy Bush once called “the big mo.” He’s a good campaigner with the Cajuniest Cajun accent I’ve heard in quite some time, which gives him a base in Acadiana. He is, however, the candidate with the closest ties to Gov PBJ. If the Vitter people had *any* imagination, they’d tie Jindal around his neck and make him a Fallen Angelle:

I don’t have high hopes that the Gret Stet Goober race will elevate to higher ground. Diaper Dave doesn’t do higher ground. The campaign is replete with silly allegations, including calling Lt. Gov Jay Dardenne a liberal because he’s not an asshole. Vitter knowns from assholery and malakatude. y’all. He’s unlikely to go after Gomer Bel Edwards because he wants someone with a D after their name in the run-off.

I wish I could say that we were facing a contest between the diapered Devil and the Angelle of the morning. Other than his swell Cajun accent, there’s nothing much to like about Scott Angelle. I just have a congenital inability to resist a pun but you already knew that. I’m storing up the Angelle puns like a squirrel hoarding acorns.

I still think it’s going to be a Vitter-Edwards run-off with Vitter emerging as the winner. It’s time to stock up on Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. We’re going to need it.