Louisiana Politics: Gret Stet Goober Race Tightens

I usually disdain pollcentric stories but this one involves an election that’s less than a month away:

Once the presumptive frontrunner in the race to become Louisiana’s next governor, Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter would face a bitter uphill runoff battle against any of his three main foes, according to the latest independent polling.

 Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republicans Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle each bested Vitter in head-to-head match-ups in the new Advocate/WWL-TV poll. Edwards is a state representative from Amite, Dardenne is the lieutenant governor, and Angelle serves on the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

The poll was conducted by Ron Faucheux, of the Washington-based Clarus Research Group. A nationally recognized polling firm, Clarus is not affiliated with any of the campaigns for governor here.

The poll found that, among those surveyed, Vitter and Edwards are tied at 24 percent in the Oct. 24 primary. Angelle trails at 15 percent, followed by Dardenne at 14 percent.

About 18 percent of likely voters said they are still undecided with a month left until Election Day. A runoff will take place Nov. 21 if, as expected, no candidate takes more than 50 percent of the vote.


In the head-to-head match-ups, Dardenne had a 7-point lead over Vitter, with the poll showing 42 percent for Dardenne to 34 percent for Vitter. Angelle polled 40 percent to Vitter’s 35 percent, and Edwards took 45 percent to Vitter’s 41 percent.

I remain skeptical that Gomer Bel Edwards the nominal Democrat in the race could win a run-off against Vitter but it now looks possible. I’ve long thought that it was going to be tighter than a tick because of Bitter Vitter’s low positive ratings. He needs to expand his base from assholes and jerks to attract some ordinary folks. There’s still time for him to lose the primary to another Republican.

I think that Vitter is more dangerous after the release of this poll: A cornered Vitter is a dangerous Vitter. The fucker has sharp teeth and loves to bite. Chomp.

As I said last week, I believe that PSC Commissioner Scott Angelle is the GOPer to watch. I think Vitter is about to sic more rabid flying monkeys in the form of attack ads on his Republican foes. I hope it doesn’t work because the only satisfaction a liberal could get out of this election is Vitter’s defeat. Let’s hope he suffers a grievous injury even if it’s not at the hands of the Grievous Angelle:

Note: I’m not rooting for Angelle. But he’s the most punworthy candidate, which is why I keep going back to the well. Up against the well, motherfucker…