Stupid Shit Donald (The Insult Comedian) Trump Says

You may have noticed that I’m trying out a new byline here at First Draft. In a sense, I’m emulating what Digby is doing at Buzzfeed Salon and using my given name with my nomme de blog smack dab in the middle. I do wonder, however, if I should use the parenthetical form deployed in the post title for a certain obnoxious, mouthy candidate with cotton candy piss hair.

That brings me to the latest stupid thing the Donald (The Insult Comedian) Trump said  on teevee:

“You can say there are no problems with the Muslims,” he continued, “there’s no problems, no terrorism, no crime, they didn’t knock down the World Trade Center. You know, the people who knocked down the World Trade Center, they didn’t fly back to Sweden.”

That’s true. They didn’t fly back to Damascus, Cairo, Tehran, Baghdad, or Riyadh either. It was a suicide bombing, asswipe.