The Paul Ryan Search Party

I’d wondered where he went, the bright spot for conservatives among the Mitt Romney implosion: 

Yes, Ryan has already said he doesn’t want the job, but he’s also signaled to his colleagues that he’d think about it. And so, the political world is forced to simply wait for a definitive, no-wiggle-room, final decision. If the Wisconsin congressman succumbs to the pressure, he’ll enjoy quite a bit of intra-party support; if Ryan balks and stays where he is, the free-for-all will begin in earnest.

I can see why, having gone through the crazy shitnuts fight that was the 2012 Republican primary, he’d keep his head down this time and avoid the opportunity for Hillary to finish him off politically. He’s not ancient and while he’s evil, he’s not completely stupid. He can sit this one out.

Still, there was surprisingly little noise around his name this year. I expected a DRAFT RYAN movement before the DRAFT CHENEY assholes started in.