More Guns More Guns More Guns

I have never understood concealed carry.

I grew up around hunters, guys who used guns like the instruments they are, instruments by which food can be gotten and eaten and a poor winter thus survived. Some of those guys went shooting for fun, respected their weapons, and modeled that respect for others. I do not have a gun phobia.

But I don’t get concealed carry.

The argument from the gun nuts goes something like this: If everybody can carry, then bad guys will be too scared of good guys to bring their guns to schools and movie theaters and stuff. If everybody’s armed, we will all be too nervous to cut each other off in traffic or flip off somebody who’s texting instead of paying attention to where he walks. If everybody has a gun, everybody will be safe.


So what is the point of concealing the gun?

Don’t you want a show of force?

Or is this some Dirty Harry cop-drama fantasy thing where you don’t WANT the supervillain to know where all the good guys are because then like his death ray would I JUST CANNOT: 

People with concealed weapon licenses would be allowed to carry guns inside the buildings and classrooms of Wisconsin’s public universities and colleges under a bill introduced Monday by two state legislators.

The bill would revoke an exception to the state’s concealed carry law allowing technical colleges and the University of Wisconsin System to ban weapons inside campus buildings, and comes less than two weeks after a gunman killed nine people at an Oregon community college.


7 thoughts on “More Guns More Guns More Guns

  1. Well, see, the logic here is that a demented sociopath (DS) bent on going out in a blaze of glory and taking as many people as he can with him will stop and reconsider if any or all of the good guys might whip out their shootin’ arn and return fire. Because DS isn’t pure of heart like GGWG is, and doesn’t have the guts to get into a quick-draw battle. See? It makes sense if you don’t have any sense. Sort of like the ticking time bomb scenario that is sometimes used to justify torture.

  2. The comment above me makes 0 sense, but coming from Wyoming where I have shot since I was 5. I would open carry (on my hip in holster) but when I went to Denver I noticed some people saw my gun and were immediately afraid and actively avoided me for no reason other than the fact they saw a gun. Obviously a gun is meant to instill fear, but it is simply a tool on my belt, just like the pocket knife right next to it. So I got my concealed carry so that I can carry and feel safe for myself and those around me, while also not scaring children to death by simply walking down the street. So to answer your question, I got my concealed carry so I could put the majority of the population into their sheeple comfort zone.

    1. So what do you suppose the guy open-carrying at the Easter Egg Hunt last spring in one of our city parks was intending to convey to the kiddies? Open-carry is baked into the Washington State constitution — I think these jerks are just sadistic enough to enjoy closing down events and watching reasonable parents scatter. Easter Egg Hunt, plus open-carry, says to me, anti-social nut case.

      Sheeple comfort zone. Very amusing.

      1. So what about the guy eating dinner and celebrating his kids birthday at olive garden. And gets kicked out of his own childs party for having a gun? Oh and he is a cop, who is given a gun and puts his life on the line everyday for you and me? Is he out to scare people? No, he is protecting himself and those around him because he knows that the avg response time of police is 11min and tens or hundreds of people could die long before “reinforcements” could ever show up. I know we won’t agree but I personally feel safer seeing one, its the guy in the trench coat in the corner of the park hiding an ak47 you should really worry about.

      2. It really only works if our good guy with a gun (which is what GGWG stands for, just in case the slowcoaches continue to run behind) is ready and willing to shoot anything that looks hinky. The thing about modern firearms is that the shooter doesn’t have to engage in a lot of preliminaries to begin spraying freedom all around a crowded mall or theater. In order to not be a victim, GGWG has to be ready to fire before the threat manifests itself.

        Of course, any errors in judgment can be tolerated if not exonerated by the GGWG presenting his GGWG credentials.

  3. Hit the post button too soon. I was going to say, when you get one or more GGWGs engaging a BGWG and the cops do show up and see a bunch of people shooting, how are they supposed to know which is which?

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