Album Cover Art Wednesday: Deep Purple In Rock

Tommy T is our resident Deep Purple expert. I’ve never been a fanatical fan boy but quite like their mixture of prog, metal, and blues. They’ve also had some pretty darn good album covers over the years and I even picked one out without Tommy’s help. He was knee deep in freeper derpitude so I was reluctant to ask.

The cover of 1970’s Deep Purple In Rock is a hoot. It’s a parody of Mount Rushmore featuring band members Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Ians Paice and Gillan and Roger Glover instead of them dead presidents.


In researching the cover, I stumbled into this deeply silly parody of the parody:

DP in Wok

Holy sautéed rock stars, Batman. Here’s the album via the YouTube:

5 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Deep Purple In Rock

    1. Nice one 🙂 Can I have this picture, but with greater resolution? (I want to make a t-shirt)

      1. Sorry, Konstantin – this was the highest resolution I could find, and the creator’s identity is a mystery to me.
        (of course, many things are mysteries to me)

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