Wisconsin State Legislators (I Mean Their Photos) For Sale

Today in unintendedly hilarious things newspapers do on the Internet:

The Wisconsin State Journal, like many newspapers, offers its photos for sale, for people who want prints of what appears in the paper. But they’ve done this by adding a “BUY NOW” link under every photo. Every. Photo.

Including shots of elected officials.


Inadvertent fail in attempt to make some quick cash or subtle statement on political corruption? We report, you decide.

Hat tip: Mr. A.


3 thoughts on “Wisconsin State Legislators (I Mean Their Photos) For Sale

  1. PatrickG says:

    Every time I think humanity has a chance to survive, I have my attention drawn to this kind of epic stupidity. What’s sad is that I’m SURE whatever web developer implemented this feature raised “inappropriate subjects” as an issue, and was ignored.


  2. hobbular says:

    Yeah, this was commented on when my stupid face showed up in the Capital Times as a “hey look this is what our CS professors look like aren’t they cool and not just straight white dudes????” insert. I am TOTES for sale.


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