Album Cover Art Wednesday: Supersnazz

Flamin’ Groovies are the ultimate cult band. They sound a bit like their fellow cult artists, NRBQ but with a power pop twist. Supersnazz was the band’s first and only major label release, which was more of an impediment back in the day that it is now. I’m only familiar with them because they got their start in the Bay Area when I was a mere lad.

The swell cover art is by noted Los Angeles artist Bob Zoell. It’s guaranteed to raise a smile:


Here’s the Supersnazzy back cover:

supersnazz back

Here’s the whole damn album on the YouTube playlist format. It’s ubersnazzy:

4 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Supersnazz

  1. I used to have a copy of Shake Some Action, on Sire, which was part of the Warner Bros. family of labels (see also Ramones). Is that not major label enough?

  2. It’s at least a minor major. . It’s what I get from getting my info from allmusic.

  3. The Flamin’ Groovies were an inspiration (both musically and name-wise) to legendary Canadian band (and our ol’ mates) Teenage Head. The original lineup came straight outta Hamilton (a bio written about them is titled “Kings Of The Hammer”) included Frankie ‘Venom’ Kerr (lead vocals, antigravity…and the QM’s Cousin), Gord ‘Head’ Lewis (lead Guitar, Vocals), Steve ‘Marshall’ Mahon (Bass, Vocals…and the QM’s ex-boyfriend), Nick ‘The Stick’ Stipanitz (Drums…replaced later for a time by Marky Ramone, then Jack Pedlar). Sadly, Frank passed in 2008…but in their heyday, they “played with enough power to make Niagara Falls run uphill”. Their album ‘Frantic City’ features a cover o’ the Groovies’ “Something Else”…it also includes the strangely dark “Disgusteen” with Frank doing his best “Exorcist” voice (his Dad was a Preacher – back in the 70’s when I had a few occasions to work with the band, Frank once did a riotus ‘Fire & Brimstone Sermon’ for a soundcheck). Their best album cover was their debut – crazy outfits, slicked down hair and the attitude that would win them fans across the country.
    Frantic City playlist – enjoy!

  4. That cover = how I feel when I hear the intro to “Shake Some Action,” one of the best power-pop songs ever recorded.

    The Groovies also wrote some great weepy pop tunes, e.g., “I’ll Cry Alone,” “You Tore Me Down.”

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