Oh Good, Dead 9-Year-Olds Don’t Matter If Their Parents Suck

Well, thank God we can stop giving a shit now.

The parents of Tyshawn Lee, a 9-year-old shot at close range in a South Side alley last week, have been criticized for the way they may have handled and solicited funds for their son’s funeral.

Police say Tyshawn was shot in retaliation for his father’s gang ties, and his father has refused to cooperate with police in the shooting. There is a $54,000 reward out now for information that leads to an arrest in the shooting.

Tyshawn’s mother Karla Lee bought a car. Shortly after her purchase, the dealership posted about her purchase on Facebook without her knowledge, according to ABC7. Lee has since become the target of vitriol on her social media channels—which she has since shut down—because people were concerned that she had used some of the $17,492 raised for her son’s funeral.

We can all stop caring, everybody! We’ve found our excuse!

Daddy has been saying the homicide didn’t involve him in the least. He’s completely innocent of any involvement in the death of his spawn.

Of course, when momma posts pictures like this on her Facebook account, what chance did this kid actually have? He was just a lottery ticket waiting to be cashed in.

This kid’s parents weren’t perfect, or aren’t perfect, or are even total assholes, but what matters is that we don’t have to feel anything about a dead 9-year-old anymore. Victory! 

Nah, she rich now, momma gonna hire a stretch Escalade limo with a full bar for her baby’s funeral. That’s how these people operate. Money is everything, life means very little. I for one am shocked the msm let this story see the light of day, it doesn’t fit the pc narrative of their kind being eternal victims.

We don’t have to give a shit, because this makes it okay he was shot to death like a rabid dog in an alley. This makes it something we can shrug about and that is like our national sport right now, that is our Olympics, finding ways not to care about what we know we should care about. We work harder at that than anything.

We will work harder at not giving a shit than we would have to work solving the problem. We will look and look and look until we find something that will numb our goddamn human consciences to the violence and misery we let children grow up with, and if we don’t find it, we will flat-out assure ourselves it is there anyway, invisible, so that we don’t have to feel bad.

It was gonna be hard with this 9-year-old, though. This 9-year-old, none of his parents’ bullshit was really his fault, so we were gonna have to maybe feel something for a second. We tried not feeling something, by claiming “the black community” wasn’t displaying sufficient outrage.

(That cartoon, by the way? That’s one of the nastiest, smallest, meanest things I’ve ever seen and I work on the Internet. That is cheap, and unoriginal.)

But even that wasn’t really working, because DEAD 9-YEAR-OLD KID. We were gonna have to care this time. We were gonna have to look at all the places and the people we’ve thrown away and left for dead. We were gonna have to get off our asses and stop being so ironically detached, and we were gonna have to work.

Thank God somebody found a reason for us not to.

Whew. That was close.


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  1. “Mean” and “unoriginal” pretty much describe the entire body of cartoonist Scott Stantis’ work.

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