The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Mayoral Mustache Edition

Our readers know by now that I love regular features like your hippie granny loves patchouli oil. I almost said like a pig loves slop but I’m trying to avoid cornpone imagery. Next thing you know I might post episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies or even Hee Haw  I do, however, love the musical stylings of Buck Owens and Roy Clark.

Damn, that was a long aside even for me but that’s beside the point. The new feature is called the Fog Of Historical pictures, which is a twist on the whole Fog Of History thing. It won’t be tied to a specific day, but it *is* tied to a specific inspiration: my friend and fellow punaholic, James Karst. Odds & Sods readers might recognize the name, he’s the bloke wot writes a column for the Picayune called Our Times. (I threw some Cockney in there as an urban antidote to rural phraseology.) James spends a lot of time rummaging through the paper’s morgue for old pictures, ads, and whatnot. He’ll be helping me out with this feature as a sort of eminence gris as opposed to my Eminence Front. According to Pete Townshend, it’s a put on, it’s a put on:

Uh, Pete, people in Toronto understand basic French thanks to the guy whose son is now Prime Minister of Canada. That is, of course, neither here nor there, but digressive sidebars are an integral part of my writing style such as it is.

Since this feature was inspired by James the K, let’s kick it off with this tweet featuring the mustache of Paul Capdevielle who was Mayor of New Orleans from 1900 to 1904.

3 thoughts on “The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Mayoral Mustache Edition

  1. The only rational explanation is that Mr. (M.? French?) Capdevielle swam regularly in the Gulf, filter-feeding on krill (or its local equivalent).

  2. Franco-American. Such names are very common here. The krill idea came up on Twitter. It allowed me to call someone a krill joy and a buzz krill. This is why Karst is da man.

    1. Damnit! Shoulda checked Twitter thread before attempting snark. Guess I jumped the snark, and it’s Krilling Me Softly. I deserve any Flack I get.

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