If You Vote There’s Nothing They Can Do

There’s a lesson in here for everyone, horrifying as the Trump show has become: 

The political network backed by the billionaire Koch brothers has no plans to take on Trump. American Crossroads, the super PAC co-founded by strategist Karl Rove, is steering clear and fixated on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton instead. Right to Rise, the super PAC backing Jeb Bush, is not gearing up to attack Trump either. And major Republican donors, such as hedge-fund manager Paul Singer and the Ricketts family, have shown no interest in supporting the few organizations trying to undercut him.

“It is probably accurate to say there is very little money for these endeavors,” said Liz Mair, a Republican consultant who recently started an anti-Trump group called Trump Card. “Our group has donors and money, but it’s not like we have hundreds of people.”

It’s not like they have hundreds of people. It’s not like they have voters. They just have money. They just have their own conviction that if they sit on their asses this will fix itself.

I remain convinced that if Trump is what GOP primary voters want, Trump is what they should have. The horror and hand-wringing and whining that this is some kind of perversion of the political system is elitist nonsense no matter its egomaniacal subject; this is how the system was designed to work. There’s no fixing this because as long as more people vote than they expect to vote, their money is useless.

There’s a lesson in this, and it’s not just to watch out for squirrel-haired xenophobes whose time has come. It’s that money can still be scared of people, if enough of the latter show up.


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