Album Cover Art Wednesday: Kooky Holiday Covers

Since I’m planning to do three weeks of holiday covers, I did some crowd sourcing for this feature on the Book of Zucker. Many answered the call and I’m posting three of the kookier ones this week plus a fake one for lagniappe. Y’all know that I love me some lagniappe.

We’ll begin with a mildly zany one suggested by my friend Kevin:

Del Rubio Jingle Belles

The second one comes from a genuine New Orleans character known as Stybby:


The last ones come from our very own Tommy T. I think the first cover needs to be put in  virtual plain brown wrapping paper, so it’s break time.

Who knew that the T in Tommy T stood for tacky?

No white xmas

If you’re outraged, blame Tommy, not me.

Finally, via Tommy, the fake cover of an album that *should* exist featuring NOLA’s own Richard Simmons and reality teevee tongue and Kissman, Gene Simmons:

Simmons duets

The reason that this would never happen is that Gene would insist on top billing.

No music this week because I don’t want to hear any of this shit.

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