The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Have A Creepy Christmas

There’s clearly a thematic trend here at First Draft this morning: holiday oddities. My friend James Karst rummaged through the morgue¬†and unearthed some vintage¬†New Orleans oddities. We’re working as a demented team of sorts: he provides the odds and I provide the sods. I have no idea what the hell that meant but it sounded good. Actually, it’s a semi-sly way of plugging a regular feature that I slave over each week. Slave? Oy, slather is more like it..

I asked James if he knew anything about the pictures and his answer was a resounding:

Nothing! The levitating heads with miniature bodies is an ad from the early 20th century. The two photos are from the TP archives.

The only downside of the Karstian collaboration is his use of exclamation points. Oh well, in the immortal words of Ray Davies, “the things I’ve done for music, the things I’ve done for art.”

That’s enough exposition, on with the main event in Tweet form:

One thought on “The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Have A Creepy Christmas

  1. I agree with Jessica Kincaid — that is one genuinely creepy Santa. I’d rank that up with either the original NO Pelican mascot…or their King Cake baby that resembles Mitch Landrieu.

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