Editor Criticizes NRA, Gets Immediately Shitcanned

It’s rarely this clear-cut. This time?

Here’s the column that got her dismissed. It’s a barn-burner completely reasonable, in-no-way-untrue critique of the way the NRA has become a political hit squad:

It is time for reasonable gun owners to take back control of the association that supposedly represents them.
We as a nation are still mourning one mass shooting when the next occurs. Yet the NRA refuses to discuss any type of gun control, any form of background checks, any type of study that might lead to some answers.
Instead, when legislators consider measures to reduce gun deaths, the NRA and its tentacle groups assign them failing grades and label them as anti-gun. National leaders, who talk tough about protecting our borders from threats, last week voted down legislation that would prevent people on our nation’s “no-fly lists” from legally buying guns. That seems like a no-brainer, but some of our elected officials are so scared of getting on the NRA’s naughty list that they won’t even take common sense steps on gun control.

I can see why she had to be immediately sacked. How outrageous.

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11 thoughts on “Editor Criticizes NRA, Gets Immediately Shitcanned

  1. It would be most unkind to wish that said publisher was removed from this existence in a hail of gunfire, so I won’t. Karma, however, is not so kind.

  2. Finally, someone who can stop some of the propaganda from continuing it’s circuitous, endless, rumor mill route has put their foot down. Enough of the drivel they have said at the Sentinel, on to the real stories of the day, the absolute disregard of the Constitution by Obama, the utter contempt for the truth by Hillary, all of the lies that the irascible organization Occupy Democrats spews forth. Finally, media with a purpose!

    1. If you have questions about how to take your medication, most pharmacists will be more than happy to help you, even if you’re not a customer.

  3. See there! I’ve always said the south is not the only place where bigotry and redneckism grows!

  4. The NRA once was a “safety and marksmanship” promoter. Over the last fifty years it has become the “handguns for paranoids” representative. It has lost its way, and must be held go account EVERY TIME a law-abiding pistol-packer turns the corner and becomes a murderer!

  5. Does this king of action really surprise anyone? Until this nation deals with the NRA and its power and money, this kind of BS will continue.

  6. So, let me guess… you would be equally incensed if a pizza delivery driver was fired for pulling out a gun during a hold-up attempt, in violation of the company’s no weapons policy?

    You would also support a nurse at a hospital clinic when they were terminated for refusing to participate in an abortion, or writing an expose’ about that clinic profiteering from the products of that abortion?

    Or if the government removes the tax-exempt status from a religious entity, because its worship leader discussed moral points in choosing whom (or what) to vote for? Would you say that the separation of church and state should prevent this?

    The millions of MEMBERS of the NRA have a chance to vote on their leadership. As far as gun owner fear, the gun control crowd only has themselves to blame. At the root of all proposals is the sentiment to make any crime with a gun completely impossible, and the only way to do that is by managing to make all guns disappear from all hands.

    The NRA refuses to discuss any type of gun control? No, just additional, ineffective restrictions, when the current gun laws are being enforced only a little more vigorously as immigration law.

    And, if I recall correctly, the NRA has called for better mechanisms for reporting individuals who have conditions that might result in harm to themselves or others, so go ahead and try to hold me responsible for any and every gun crime, so I can hold you responsible for any and every vehicular homicide and speeding ticket!

    Finally, ask yourself – would I be willing to undergo the same checks/restrictions to buy and use a cell phone, especially a smart phone, where I would have to show a photo ID, have the serial number of the phone, SIM card, and phone number registered to me (and only me) personally, and be held responsible for any misuse of said phone?

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