May the Road Rise to Meet You, @GapersBlock

Thanks for a helluva run, Gaper’s Block: 

Thank you to the staff, both current and past, for everything you’ve done and continue to do for Gapers Block. Thank you to our colleagues in the media for taking a volunteer-run webzine seriously, and occasionally even acknowledging when we scooped you. 😉 And a huge thank you to the readers and advertisers who have stuck with us over the years, who have come and gone, and who just found us. This was all for you, and I hope we succeeded in getting you to slow down and check out this amazing city.

I am truly humbled by what this little site started as a side project by a group of local bloggers has achieved over the years. None of this was possible without the hundreds of writers who contributed in big ways and small. I’m forever in your debt.

GB was one of the first Chicago blogs I read, back before there was an Internet, and I’ll always be grateful for the way it brought out stories nobody else was paying attention to and tried to draw that attention. You guys did good.