Tweet Of The Day: Schlonged Edition

The Insult Comedian’s puerile, penile joke about the 2008 Clinton-Obama nomination scrum has been the subject of much mockery. My favorite comment came from New Yorker teevee critic Emily Nussbaum:

It’s hard to top that, but Yiddish has many wonderful words for the male member. There’s also pisher and schmeckle. The Insult Comedian is both. Oy, such a schmuck.

Every time we think Trump can’t stoop any lower, he does. If stepping on his schlong is his idea of Presidential, he should consider adding the Drips and Discharges skating dick to his entourage:

Skating dick
Drips and Discharges skating dick. Krewe du Vieux, 2014.

Now that’s a schlong. The Insult Comedian is merely dickish.

Instant Update: An acquaintance of Josh Marshall’s says that he used schlonged as a synonym for fucked as a yoot on Guyland. Holy Matzopizza, Batman.

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