Friday Guest Catblogging: Dennie & The Big Man

It’s Carnival time, which means I’m spending a lot of ┬átime at the den preparing for this year’s Krewe du Vieux parade. That, in turn, means that I get to hang-out with Dennie the den cat.

Dennie is a very friendly cat. Here’s a picture of her sitting on the lap of my friend Chris, the Clarence Clemons of the Krewe of Spank. Btw, Dennie is a mid-sized cat. She only looks small compared to the Big Man’s┬áhands:

Dennie & The Big Man

Speaking of the Other Big Man:

One thought on “Friday Guest Catblogging: Dennie & The Big Man

  1. Hmmm… Chris seems like he’d be better suited to my 20-lb Bengal cat. Is he, perchance, in the market for a cat? =)

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