5 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Fuzzy Edition

  1. First pet on my own/not really under parental care, was an orange cat that never really had a name. He was my best pal from 2001 to 2007. Then came Tigger (didn’t name him, the shelter did), another orange tabby…from January 2008 to last November. The first O.C. was my buddy, but Tigger was my boy.

    I still miss them both.

  2. TECHNICALLY, whiskers-black cat was mine. (he had 1 white whisker when a kitten), tabby was my brothers, tho, they were BOTH mine. tabby lived to about 18. whiskers to about 21. so i had them decades. i think i was 5. and to think i saved tabby from strangling herself under a chair. i cut he black stuff around her neck. i need a new pair of spares. i so miss basil.

  3. Mine was a baby duck named Ducky Wucky. I never had any regular pets as a kid, because my mom felt the same yours did. We had a lot of ducks, though, almost all female. They were surprisingly sociable and affectionate. They kept the neighborhood cats out of the yard, were great watch ducks for anyone who showed up in our yard, really. And they laid fantastic, rich, dark-yolked eggs. We never had a single snail or slug in our yard, and the neighbors used to borrow them for a day or two whenever they had a snail problem. They’d usually last about a year, sometimes two. I don’t know if they migrated or were eaten – I know we lost a few to raccoons and weasels, and any that flew over the fence into the neighbor’s yard where the two Dobermans lived were pretty much toast. I still love ducks to this day. And they’re delicious, too!

  4. Timmy the Turtle. My parents said we couldn’t have a dog or a cat because we were never home and they both worked. Thus, I got Timmy. He was a painted turtle my parents got me and I loved him to death and was so happy to have him. When he died, it crippled me. It’s one of the main reasons why I have trouble with pets: Fear of the end of them.

  5. We had a cat and dogs growing up, Never considered them mine tho. My first pet was a kitten that had been born (along w/6 others) in my dresser drawer. My roommates cat got out one nite. I kept the cutest one and gave the others away. She bounced between a terror chewing cords to a cuddly sweetheart. When she grew past kitten stage she was just the latter. I had her for 17 yrs. Currently have another who is pushing 18 that I found at Home Depot when she was a weeks old kitten.

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