Saturday Odds & Sods: Life Is A Carnival

Spank’s 2014 masterpiece: Welcome to Dizneylandrieu.

I naively thought I could write a full-blown Saturday post this week. I was wrong. I’m marching in Krewe Vieux this evening and parade prep ate my week alive. I do have a short feature and a couple of jokes but this will be blissfully short. Hey you, stop cheering. I know who you are…

In non-Carnival news, the contractor who was supposed to remove the Confederate monuments had his car bombed even though he’d already pulled out of the project. I’m not shedding too many tears: it was a Lamborghini so it was presumably insured up the wazoo. I still have no idea what a wazoo is but I do know what a wazzock is…

This week’s theme song is a seasonally appropriate numbah from the Band, Life Is A Carnival. The horn arrangement was by the late, great Allen Toussaint. One of the only people who could pull off this look:


We begin with the studio version from the Cahoots album. I have a soft spot for that particular LP because it was the first Band record I bought with my own money:

Here’s a live version with the Max Weinberg 7. Conan O’Brien is nowhere to be seen:

Now that I’ve let you know that it’s the restless age, it’s time to runaway, but one mini-feature first:

Saturday Classics: Holland is an overlooked gem by the Beach Boys. The opening track, Sail On, Sailor is one of the best songs Brian Wilson ever wrote and that’s saying a lot:

That’s it for this week. It’s going to be cold tonight so I have to work on layering underneath my costume. Speaking of Krewe du Vieux, my mind always turns to my late friend and blogger comrade in arms Ashley Morris. He was the man who brought Dr. A and me into KdV. Below is a snapshot of us looking goofy after the 2008 stumble. The rose between the thorns is his beautiful wife, Hana and Dr. A took the picture. Just for the hell of it, I memed it. I guess I qualify as the Batman villain in this pictKdv Meme