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We had the chance, and we blew it.
FreeRepublic ^ | 2/19/2016 | Washi

Posted on ‎2‎/‎19‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎43‎:‎05‎ ‎PM by Washi

It’s appearing obvious that Trump will win South Carolina, and logic would tend to indicate that that makes him the odds-on favorite to win the Republican nomination (baring any GOPe dirty tricks at the convention).

While I will gladly vote for Trump over Clinton or Sanders, I’m still disheartened.

Ever since the last day of Reagan’s administration, America has been in need of conservative leadership.

GHW Bush’s squishiness gave us Clinton.

GW Bush barely won election. I’m glad he was in office after 9/11 instead of Gore, but he loaded us up with tons of debt and a lot of government growth.

Cognitive dissonance alert!!

He also gave us Obama.

McCain was a squish and got his ass handed to him in Obama’s first term.

Romney was a squish and got his ass handed to him in Obama’s second term. Even Obama was surprised he won that one after the destruction he wrought in his first term.

Now, our chance has come.

On the democrat side, we have a nasty, entitled, corrupt, untrustworthy, unlikable, old hag and a grungy, mooching, old, socialist running for office.

On the republican side, we have a solidly conservative, well spoken, highly informed candidate that isn’t afraid to stand up to the GOPe and fight for conservative causes. It’s what we ALL have been waiting for.

We’ve ALL thought that we could win the presidency and right the wrongs of the past few decades of creeping socialism if we would just put a true conservative up as our nominee in the general.

Well, this is our chance. But, we’re about to piss it away.

I think I understand the appeal of Trump. People are pissed and Trump has tapped into that. But this is a time for thinking, not feeling. Trump is a demagogue. People want to be on “Team Trump” because he’s loud, proud, and unapologetic. But, Trump is also practicing a scorched Earth campaign of character assassination against Cruz in order to win the nomination for himself, and his whipped up supporters are dog-piling on anyone who dares to point out the emperor’s lack of clothes.

Two years from now, when we discover that all of the red flags and warnings being blared by Trump’s past positions and statements really are an accurate representation of Trump, and we find that “campaign” Trump was just that, we will kick ourselves when we realize that we had our chance, perhaps our last, to nominate the true conservative we had all been waiting for, and we screwed it up.

Turning a blind eye to Trump’s liberal leanings just because he says the things we want to hear, and helps us express our dissatisfaction with the status-quo, doesn’t make his leanings any less liberal.

We’ve said that electing a conservative could set us back on the right track.

We have, right now, a chance that we won’t have again for a very, very long time. A chance to prove we were right.

But we’re about to blow it.

1 posted on 2‎/‎19‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎43‎:‎05‎ ‎PM by Washi

Well, that was depressing (if you’re a Republican).

Trump-humpers – attack!!

To: Washi

The problems with America cannot be solved by nuance and finesse. Things have been neglected for so long we need a hammer.

Hulk smash.

You know – sometimes I’m tempted to terminate a thread after the first selected reply.

This is one of those times.  Hulk smash, indeed.

Mommy has been in charge for so long we all can’t wait for daddy to get home. Asses will sting.

5 posted on 2‎/‎19‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎46‎:‎39‎ ‎PM by ghosthost

Cruz losers – counterattack!
To: doc1019
I’m going to write Cruz in. I won’t hold my nose again.
To: Just mythoughts

When one plays the Jesus sent me card, then it was absolutely immoral. Some of US will not fall for deception… Bearing false witness is still one of the 10 Commandments…. Christ said you break one you break them all..

What would Jesus say about a man who publishes books with passages where he gloats about engaging in sex with married women while he is also married?

Is your moral outrage selective based upon the target of your outrage?

100 posted on 2‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎12‎:‎28‎:‎28‎ ‎AM by Grizzled Bear (No More RINOS!)
Some of the “just want to watch the GOP burn” crowd are even ready to throw The Darnold under the bus :
To: central_va
If Trump can’t deliver we’ll find someone else.
Bingo! He may be a bastard, but he’s out bastard. And if Trump doesn’t deliver, then he’s out too! It’s time for the voters to take charge rather than the uniparty. 

141 posted on 2‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎12‎:‎56‎:‎01‎ ‎AM by abigkahuna (How can you be at two places at once when you are nowhere at all?)

One more before the jump:
To: Washi
Well said. I cannot believe how many people have decided that Trump’s words don’t matter, his character doesn’t matter, his contradictions don’t matter, his previous positions don’t matter, his history of donations doesn’t matter, his betrayal of spouses and business partners doesn’t’ matter, his hubris doesn’t matter, his ignorance of government and foreign policy doesn’t matter, his mean-spirited approach to non believers in him doesn’t matter, his megalomania doesn’t matter, his liberalism doesn’t matter (youthful indiscretion, after all, he was only 65 then), and his disdain for his own putative party doesn’t matter. 

201 posted on 2‎/‎20‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎07‎:‎52‎ ‎AM by elhombrelibre (Against Obama. Against Putin. Pro-freedom. Pro-US Constitution. Go Cruz.)


(I just love how Kevin Kline passes out after his last verse)

Next up – The Dream Machine – he’s coming for you!




Trump Is the Democrats’ Dream Nominee
Wall Street Journal ^ | 12/9/15 | Karl Rove

Posted on ‎12‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎19‎:‎33‎ ‎AM by jimbo123

Donald Trump’s call on Monday for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” is unlikely to blow up his campaign. No matter how outrageous his statement seems to most Americans, his supporters apparently eat up stuff like that.

Forty-six percent of Mr. Trump’s backers say that their minds are made up and won’t change before the primaries, according to a Dec. 2 Quinnipiac poll. Only 33% of Ted Cruz’s supporters, and 23% of Marco Rubio’s, say that they are sure of their choice.

Apparently no matter what Mr. Trump does, he continues to poll generally in the mid- to high-20s, with an occasional survey putting him in the 30s. In mid-August he dipped to 22% in the Real Clear Politics average, but he hasn’t fallen below that mark since. This high floor, however, is matched by a low ceiling.

His antics-calling his GOP competitors “losers” and “clowns,” insulting Sen. John McCain for having been captured in Vietnam, mocking a reporter with a disability, crudely attacking Fox News’s Megyn Kelly-have made it difficult for him to grow his base.

1 posted on 12‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎19‎:‎33‎ ‎AM by jimbo123

Ah yes – Uncle Karl.

The Freeperati’s hero.  They used to lave his leprous knob with their True Believer spittle, day in and day out.  His wisdom was unquestioned, and pics like this one were on heavy rotation in Freeperville:



These days?

Not so much.


To: jimbo123


FUKR !!!

2 posted on 12‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎20‎:‎14‎ ‎AM by mkjessup (This is OUR freakin’ Country!! Close the borders to ALL Muslims!! Trump is RIGHT !!!!)

That’s spelled : “Fucker”.
You’re welcome.
To: jimbo123


Take a hike Karl. Nobody is buying what you’re selling anymore.

32 posted on ‎12‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎29‎:‎06‎ ‎AM by headstamp 2

Let’s take a little trip in the Wayback Machine, shall we?
To: rightwing2
Damn but don’t I love that Karl Rove. Glad he’s on our side.
10 posted on 12/19/2002, 5:36:01 PM by Petronski
Ah, memories…
Time for one more – how about – Putin on the Ritz?

Will this be the kiss of death for Donald Trump? Vladimir Putin praisesDaily Mail UK ^ | December 17, 2015 | By Corey Charlton Posted on ‎12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎36‎:‎40‎ ‎AM by COUNTrecount

Will this be the kiss of death for Donald Trump? Vladimir Putin praises the White House candidate as an ‘outstanding man’

Russian president Vladimir Putin has endorsed the controversial candidate He described Donald Trump as ‘outstanding’ and ‘unquestionably talented’ Putin was holding an annual press conference from the Kremlin in Moscow The Russian strongman also accused Turkey of currying U.S. favour After staring down months of opposition and criticism, U.S. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has finally received a rare piece of ringing, unequivocal support.

Unfortunately, it comes from the provocative and confrontational Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Today Putin offered his thoughts on the Republican party nomination for the White House, and offered nothing but praise for the billionaire businessman. He said: ‘He is a very outstanding man, unquestionably talented. He is the absolute leader of the presidential race.’

Putin went on to describe him as ‘flamboyant’, and claiming Trump wants to move to a ‘deeper level’ of relations with Russia, added: ‘How can we not welcome it? Of course we welcome it.’

1 posted on 12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎36‎:‎40‎ ‎AM by COUNTrecount

So – Freepers – Putin wants The Darnold in the driver’s seat.




To: COUNTrecount


The dictators’ praise will only strengthen their support for trump.

2 posted on 12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎37‎:‎56‎ ‎AM by sagar

Let’s see if you’re right.
To: COUNTrecount


Putin finds talking with traitors and girly men to be distasteful.He’s looking forward to negotiating with a real man.

10 posted on 12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎40‎:‎00‎ ‎AM by Farmer Dean (stop worrying about what they want to do to you,start thinking about what you want to do to them)

To: COUNTrecount


Well… I think Putin got kind of tired of toying around with the stuffed mouse that is our dear Barack Obama. Victories over paper tigers are scarcely satisfying.

I think he actually wants someone respectable at the helm in the USA. This is a smaller world than we think, and the USA matters to Russia.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him say something nice about Cruz, too.

31 posted on 12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎46‎:‎50‎ ‎AM by HiTech RedNeck (Embrace the Lion of Judah and He will roar for you and teach you to roar too. See my page.)

To: COUNTrecount


Aw, c’mon. It’s just one old lefty to another.

11 posted on ‎12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎40‎:‎32‎ ‎AM by Colonel_Flagg (Revenge is a Daesh best served cold.)

To: Colonel_Flagg


Shhhh. People are worshiping here.

33 posted on ‎12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎47‎:‎24‎ ‎AM by The Ghost of FReepers Past (Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light….. Isaiah 5:20)

To: sitetest


Wanting a Putin here is scary and stupid. Conservatives rooting for a far more dominant government than we already have is utterly bizarre.

Trump is not Putin, for better and worse.

56 posted on 12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎9‎:‎04‎:‎55‎ ‎AM by sakic

To: COUNTrecount


Putin and Trump, not ashamed of being white!

69 posted on 12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎9‎:‎16‎:‎26‎ ‎AM by DungeonMaster (2John11 = shun democrats.)

Um – OK.
And finally, the obligatory “wheels within wheels, man!” comment:

Double reverse psy-op to try and keep Trump from getting elected. Nice try Putin.

102 posted on 12‎/‎17‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎40‎:‎24‎ ‎AM by USCG SimTech (Honored to serve since ’71)

See you good people next Monday!

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  1. We’re rapidly approaching the point where, if the GOPe wants to stop The Donald, it will require stinger missiles to be used on Trump Force One.

    I’m sure that the Koch Bros can get a really good deal on Ebay, you betcha.

  2. In a couple months, when Trump is their nominee (shudder..), all these commenters will change their tune and say how wonderful he is.

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