It Starts Now: They’ll All Fall in Line Behind Trump

It’ll happen. Nobody’s going to save them: 

You are not the only one. Whatever Christie’s motives, he knows he is legitimizing Trump big-time right before Super Tuesday. Trump is already doing well in polls of most of the many states voting that day. This will solidify his standing and intensify the panic among those who believe presidents should unite and calm, not divide and inflame. Oh, and should know something about the job.

The only people who think the GOP is going to get saved are the people who need it to be saved to preserve the fiction that they’re not going to hell by association. They’re not gonna get saved. They don’t want to be saved. They say they hate Trump right now and are horrified, but watch. Just watch. It’ll be amazing how fast they go from prayers for salvation to “we’re better off with him than with Hillary!”

They want power.

Is that really so surprising? Does anyone NOT? And does anyone, ever, give up power once they have it?

Because by asking them all to break with Trump, by asking them to save themselves — they could, any time, by canceling their bullshit convention, disinviting Trump from everything, and reneging on the contract they asked him to sign. They would look like amateurish, nitwitted assholes but when don’t they — we’re asking them to give up power.

The power that comes from party, from a strong (in the loud sense) nominee, from visibility and stability and the established Way Things Usually Go. The power that is the status quo.

Running from Trump right now means running from that power. They’ve never done that in all their livin’ lives no matter what supposed assault was being mounted on their beloved conservative principles. They learned to love racism and they learned to love the military industrial complex and they learned to love the surveillance state and they learned to love vast governmental expansions and they learned to love borrowing and borrowing and borrowing again. They learned to love everything they say they hate, so why not Trump, too?

If anything is permissible in pursuit of power, why not Trump? He’s not any worse than most of them and he might even be better, in that he seems to understand the con’s a con. Your main objection, if you are a diehard GOP’er, is that he is loud and rude. What’s that, compared to money and access and the bright lights of the Sunday shows?

What’s that compared to the spectacle of upsetting everything they’re about? I mean, what can they do? They can’t cancel their convention and they can’t deny him the nomination if he has the delegates, can they? They can whine all they want about how he’s not their representative but anything more substantive — everyone thus dismayed leaving the party, for example — seems beyond them because it would result in an uncertain future.

No one faces that by choice.


3 thoughts on “It Starts Now: They’ll All Fall in Line Behind Trump

  1. if the GOP media machine can turn W into a great military mind and John Kerry into a deserter, they will be able to remake Trump as the greatest political philosopher ever.

  2. I keep thinking: “Brer Fox, just don’t throw me into the briar patch.”

    (Fox, how appropriate. Was Uncle Remus always this prophetic?)

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