Album Cover Art Wednesday: The World Is A Ghetto

Are you ready for more War? The band, not the thing that John Bolton mongers…

The World Is A Ghetto was a number-one hit 1972 album with a tongue in the cheek cover by Howard Miller.


The single cover featured a detail from the album art. Both songs hit the pop charts: Cisco peaked at #3 and Ghetto at #7. It was a very good year for War. The band, not the thing Dick Cheney loves:


Here’s the entire elpee:

3 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: The World Is A Ghetto

  1. One of my all time favorite album covers! There was a poster inside that my sisters had in the wall when I was a kid, and I made up voices for all the people and they would have conversations about the “ghetto world.”

  2. My best friend and I went off to college in the fall of 1976 and I helped him move into his dorm where a couple of students were putting the finishing touches on a hallway mural that reproduced this album cover. It was one of the first episodes where I knew I was stepping out of my small town upbringing and entering a larger (much larger) world.

    “The World is a Ghetto” doesn’t get the oldies station airplay that other songs by War get, but every time I hear it, I reflect on that callow youth who still resides somewhere in my memory.

  3. how bout changing joes burgers sign to bobs burgers sign,, and yes war was one of my go too fusion/progressive jazz bands back in the day

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