Brussels Attacks and American Journalism Right Now

It is a miracle we have any allies left at all. Like, fuck us right now.

I mean, it is not that we don’t know what these people are, and we are putting them on our air anyway, to say their garbage, and then we are all shocked and outraged and whatnot, as if we didn’t ask them to be exactly this. When people ask why our politics is the way it is, we can point to the way we normalize and legitimize crazy fucking people by making editorial decisions that we then pretend aren’t decisions at all.

“But he’s the second in line for the GOP nomination!” Yes, and you still control the goddamn doors to your studio. This isn’t the weather.

There is no reason to cut to people like Cruz, Trump, Sarah Palin and whatever else despicable critter slithers out from under a rock today to Tweet shit. You don’t have to do a roundup of ridiculous nonsense said by everything with an R after its name (or a D, for that matter). You are not powerless. Stop pretending.


5 thoughts on “Brussels Attacks and American Journalism Right Now

  1. Yesterday before the attack Trump casually said we should walk away from NATO. He’ll probably flip on that position today. Hair today gone tomorrow.

  2. It is a bit perplexing that supposed news specialists think the American public is hanging on every word from these minor-leaguers. Truly, the public couldn’t care less, and the discourse would not suffer one bit if their opinions on the latest tragedy du jour were ignored. Most, if not all, of them are simply going to use it demonstrate how “strong” and “tough” they are… from a safe distance, of course.

    And still the press poobahs are mystified about declining readership/viewers.

  3. Sen. Cruz thinks we should empower the police to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods “before they become radicalized.” It’s too bad the people reporting the news aren’t paid enough to think up the question, “What do you mean by patrolling and securing Muslim neighborhoods?” Check home computers and their browser histories? Eavesdrop on conversations at the A & P? Intercept and open mail into and out of those neighborhoods?

    And what would be the benchmarks of radicalization? If a Muslim Yankee fan thinks the team isn’t doing enough to get good starting pitchers, should that trigger closer scrutiny? What, exactly, do you mean by that?

    Man, I bet I could make millions as a reporter.

    1. “Muslim neighborhoods”?

      Are those the “no-go” zones we’ve been hearing about?

      1. Another perceptive question! Will any of the highly-paid hosts of the Sunday talk shows think to ask Sen. Cruz about that?

        Magic 8 Ball says, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

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