Album Cover Art Wednesday: Mott The Hoople

I have a soft spot in my heart for the British glam rockers of the early 1970’s. Foremost among whom were Mott the Hoople. Mott’s frontman and primary songwriter Ian Hunter mixed wit, mirth, and anger in his lyrics. They also had some swell album covers. I’m going to feature two of them today: The Hoople and Brain Capers.

The Hoople was Mott’s last full-blown studio LP with Hunter as leader, and it’s a good one. What’s not to like about this “band in a chick’s hair” cover?

The Hoople

Brain Capers was released in 1971 before the band’s commercial break through with All The Young Dudes. There’s an amusing story behind the cover:

The covers of the original UK and Canadian LPs do not feature the mask seen on the US version (and some later re-releases). There was an actual mask packaged inside with the UK version of the album, but not with the Canadian LP. The band name and line under it are in the centre of the cover where the mask would be and the title shifted upwards. The US and Canadian LPs do not have the inner sleeve picturing fighter planes that the original UK album had.

It’s time to get all brainy and capery:

Mott Brain Capers

And now from The Hoople, ladies and germs, The Golden Age Of Rock and Roll: