Tweet Of The Day: Ted Talk Edition

We’re through the looking glass, y’all. Ted Cruz has become the “savior” of the Republican establishment. That’s right, the guy who pees his pants after every terrorist attack, proposes repressive measures, then walks them back a bit. That Ted Cruz. The ultimate skunk at the garden party, the creepy kid nobody likes is now kinda sorta popular with the kinda sorta cool kids of the GOP.

Tailgunner Ted had a good day yesterday in the Utah Caucus with 69% of  the whatever (I hate caucuses) thereby transforming it into a winner-take-all event under the rules of the Beehive state GOP. Apparently, Mormons do not like anything about the Insult Comedian. Score one for the LDS-ers. They have their flaws but Mormons are polite people and Donald Trump is, well, a guy that Charlie Pierce calls a vulgar talking yam.

Just when we thought the 2016 campaign couldn’t get any weirder, it did. Cruz has now been anointed in his role of establishment “savior” by the preppiest of the preppies, John Ellis Bush aka Jeb aka the biggest loser of this election cycle. That rabbit hole to wonderland is getting mighty crowded. Chris Christie is wedged in there and is in danger of suffocation since his head is so far up Trump’s ass that the White Rabbit had to leapfrog him. Hmm, can a rabbit leapfrog? Discuss among yourselves…

You’re probably wondering when the Ted talk will end and I’ll talk about the tweet of the day. This is when. It comes from Josh Marshall:

Yeah, you right, Josh. See you on the other side of the looking glass:

2 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Ted Talk Edition

  1. I live in Utah. What I found entertaining is that several of high profile Utah Republicans endorsed Ted Cruz through gritted teeth. They don’t like Ted Cruz, but they hate Donald Trump. One was asked what he would do if Trump got the nomination. He stated that he would vote for Hillary Clinton. He would rather have her as President than the Donald.

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