‘Mister Hearst and Pulitzer, have we got news for you’

At least the Reader’s staff isn’t laying back and thinking of its digital paradigm: 

We, the Reader’s staff, ask that you join us in supporting the publication and its advertisers. We are reaching out because . . .

  • The owners at Wrapports LLC have ordered repeated cutbacks that diminish editorial coverage and quality.
  • The size of the print edition has been slashed nearly 40 percent and popular columns have disappeared.
  • Other staff reductions have curtailed service to advertisers and impaired distribution of the print edition.
  • Employees haven’t received a cost-of-living wage increase in nearly a decade.

We recognize the fiscal challenges of the media business, but relentless cuts mean withdrawing from the fight, not meeting it head-on. Ownership must invest in marketing, advertising, and digital operations and enrich editorial content, or the Reader will die.

Sign it. Fight the fights that need fighting.

I’ve been saying for a long time that nobody is coming to save journalism except the people who want to save journalism. So if that’s what you give a shit about, if that’s your animating interest, then GO DO IT. Nowhere is it written you have to hunker down and hope they don’t hit you. Nowhere in history has that worked out well for anybody. You’d think we’d all know this by now.