Tweet/Counter-tweet: Dudebro Nation Death Throes Edition

In the last malaka of the week post, I expressed the hope that the Sanders campaign would go out on a substantive high note. I was privately pessimistic about that but hope springs eternal when the opposition is poised to nominate the Insult Comedian or Tailgunner Ted. I should know better: optimism is for mugs in the 2016 campaign.

Let me explain what I mean by Dudebro Nation. I have to since some Sanders supporters “liked” something I posted about it on the book of Zucker last week. By Dudebro Nation I mean the most annoying, obnoxious, sexist, condescending, and childish Sanders supporters; maybe I should have used the term death rattle in the title. I stopped saying Berniebro because Dudebro is funnier. (I stole this particular usage from Al Giordano who has one of the funniest political Twitter streams going. More about him later.) I briefly considered Bernie or busters but it sounds too much like bustier. I didn’t want to make a boob out of myself so I stuck to Dudebro Nation, brah. Huzzah.

Instead of dialing it back, Dudebro Nation is going full tilt bull goose loony right now. They still haven’t processed the fact that their candidate’s quest for the nomination of a party he doesn’t belong to is doomed. One of the worst examples of the Dudebro Nation death rattle came on the same day I crowned Jeff Weaver malaka of the week. It comes from lefty talk radio loudmouth Thom Hartmann:

I’ve never liked talk radio (I didn’t even listen to Al Franken) and this imbecilic and insensitive tweet shows why. Think of it: Thomorrow is the Connecticut primary. What horrific event occurred in the Nutmeg State in 2012? That’s right, the Newtown Massacre and this mouthy maroon posted this image a mere five days before the primary. I even took a screenshot of the Tweet in case he came to his senses and deleted it. He did not. I shouldn’t be surprised: Many of his fellow denizens of Dudebro Nation see nothing wrong with it but the combination of the assault weapon with Sanders’ meh record on gun safety issues makes me cringe.

The next Tweet isn’t actually a counter-tweet BUT I did come across Hartmann’s thomfoolery on Al Giordano’s timeline so here we go:

I love the image of H.A. Goodman, Rosario Dawson, Thom Hartmann, and their ilk being raptured. I only wish it had happened so we wouldn’t have to listen them to whine, make excuses, and point the finger of blame. Speaking of which, I’ll give Neil Finn and the Crowdies the last word:


4 thoughts on “Tweet/Counter-tweet: Dudebro Nation Death Throes Edition

  1. This stage of Campaign 2016 will soon be over. Privately, I have resolved not to be too hard on any Democratic party supporter who is politically engaged, fervent in belief that positive change can be effected through the existing governmental framework, and who encourages others to think and act like they do.

    Yes, Sanders supporters can be irritating. Oddly enough, so can supporters of Clinton, Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. I’d prefer to keep Sanders partisans engaged and active, and particularly, I want them to keep voting. Cruz and Kasich fans can go to hell, and I hope they do everything in their power to monkeywrench the Republican nominating process. I want the Democrats to portray themselves and to be the champions of good governing, promising to do the job they’re elected to do. (Compare and contrast with your nearest Republican officeholder.)

    Right now, Sanders voters are getting smacked in the face by cold reality. I feel for them, as I’ve been in their shoes in elections past, watching my favorite lose the nomination. On those occasions, I’ve appreciated far more the proffering of an olive branch than being clobbered over the head with it, which is just adding injury to insult.

    1. I bit my tongue until I started getting slammed on SM for not being a Bernatic.

  2. I think the image of Sanders with a gun taking on Wall Street is pretty goofy. I always think it’s stupid of people with professed interests in peace and gun control use violent imagery in their jokes; it just seems hypocritical,

    Yet feel somehow the pearl-clutching over Newtown is a little bizarre, too. Wall Street’s not in Connecticut, unless it’s been extended (I know, there are commuters). And yes, Newtown is in CT, but Colt Manufacturing’s been in Hartford for more than 160 years, pumping out handguns, AR-15s, and M16s. Ruger, which makes 600,000+ handguns and pistols every year is in Southport, CT, all of 25 miles from Newtown. Smith & Wesson’s in Massachusetts. Over 1.5 million firearms a year manufactured by companies with headquarters within 75 miles of Newtown.

    Hartmann’s never impressed me much, either. I did listen to Franken when he was on Air America, but it was a little difficult to take him seriously when he started supporting the Iraq War after talking about how much he respected Colin Powell and his UN presentation. Still haven’t figured out why Clinton did, either.

  3. One of the people in one of the FB political forums I frequent posted ecstatically today that Sanders was leading in Rhode Island.
    Rhode Island.
    I can’t – even……

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