Album Cover Art Wednesday: Encores

I spent a fair amount of time last Saturday telling an Adrastos-Zelig story about meeting Jazz great Stan Kenton. It only seemed right to feature a Kentonian (Stannish?) cover in this space.

I usually don’t do compilations for ACAW, but this cover is so striking that I made an exception. It’s my rule book, after all, so I can throw it out at will. I’m not sure why I’m mad at will but…

This version of Encores was released in 1955. One could describe the cover as all hands on deck.

Stan Kenton Encores

This LP was re-released several times thereby making it impossible to nail down a proper version of it. Instead, here’s a 1951 featurette:

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  1. I know a few Kentonites and “City of Glass” is an amazing piece, but he is a different flavor of Denny Hastert.

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