Both Sides Bombed Cambodia!

No, basically: 

Kerry’s past and present will merge again Wednesday at a Vietnam symposium at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas. He will preview the Obama trip, and chat onstage with filmmaker Ken Burns about Burns’s upcoming documentary on the Vietnam War.


Kerry is not the only participant under criticism. Some students at the University of Texas are calling for pickets to protest Henry Kissinger, who was secretary of state during a particularly bloody stretch in the long war.

John Kerry: Served honorably, came home at the age of 27 and said nobody else should have to do what I did. Walked up to Congress, again, at 27 damn years old, and told them the veterans of Vietnam say shove your war.

Henry Kissinger: Fucked over Cambodia at the request of Pol Pot basically, killing tens of thousands of people.


Both attracted “controversy!” Both are “under criticism!” Does that criticism have any merit? WHO CAN TELL? Should we “take sides” by acknowledging the creation of dead people versus saying words at a public protest? OF COURSE NOT! That would be liberal media bias argle blargle blargle flap flap flap! We need to make sure we equate the Secretary of State with commenters on an event’s Facebook page so nobody calls us unfair!