Saturday Odds & Sods: Maybe I’m Amazed

Snob Party
Snob Party at the Princess’ House by Joan Miro, 1946.

I had semi-big plans for this week’s post, which have been foiled by my rotten summer cold. Yeah, I know, technically it’s late spring, but the iron fist of summer has my city by the neck. It’s summertime in New Orleans, y’all.

Having made my excuses for the brevity of this installment, I *do* have a theme song. Maybe I’m Amazed was the stand-out track on Macca’s first solo album, McCartney. It’s a loose, unpolished, homemade collection of tunes, which is charming if a bit rough around the edges. We begin with Macca’s original version on which he played all the instruments, followed by the Faces rocking it live.

The only thing I’m amazed about right now is that I’m sitting upright. Summer colds are the worst. So it goes.

That’s it for this week. I featured a peppery potboiler by Erich von Stroheim on Thursday. He was one of the leading directors of the silent era until his profligate spending ended that part of his career. He was also known as a hiss-provoking villain during both World Wars. He was the Hun, the man you love to hate. On screen, Stroheim was infinitely worse than any mere bat-villain. That’s why I memed the bastard:Von S meme

3 thoughts on “Saturday Odds & Sods: Maybe I’m Amazed

  1. Please stop saying “Macca” unless you’re a headline writer for a British tabloid.

  2. No can do. I’ve been calling him Macca my whole life. It’s like asking me to call Fats Domino Antoine. Besides, not just tabloid types call him Macca.

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