This election is NOT ABOUT YOU: 

Not everyone at Mr. Sanders’s rallies is dreading a Trump victory, however.

Victor Vizcarra, 48, of Los Angeles, said he would much prefer Mr. Trump to Mrs. Clinton. Though he said he disagreed with some of Mr. Trump’s policies, he added that he had watched “The Apprentice” and expected that a Trump presidency would be more exciting than a “boring” Clinton administration.

“A dark side of me wants to see what happens if Trump is in,” said Mr. Vizcarra, who works in information technology. “There is going to be some kind of change, and even if it’s like a Nazi-type change, people are so drama-filled. They want to see stuff like that happen. It’s like reality TV. You don’t want to just see everybody be happy with each other. You want to see someone fighting somebody.”

Jackie Becerra, 28, an executive assistant who lives in Lake Forest, also said she was leaning toward voting for Mr. Trump if Mr. Sanders was not the Democratic nominee. She said that she doubted Mr. Trump would keep his promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico, and that, even though his proposal to bar foreign Muslims from entering the United States made her “nervous,” she did not believe he could stop people from coming into the country based on their religion.

“Everyone is like: ‘Trump has these terrible social issues. He hates Muslims and he hates the L.G.B.T. community,’ ” she said. “But our world is big enough that he’s not actually going to implement any of those changes in a realistic way. But what he will do is potentially audit the federal government, and he will try to break up some of the banks and try to at least influence government that way. However, with Hillary, it will just be a complacent, run-of-the-middle-of-the-road presidency.”

I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS FOR THESE PEOPLE FOR STARTERS would you be willing to say, “I would like to see women denied necessary health care so that I can be amused?” Like, with a straight face, would you say that to a woman carrying a dying baby? Donald Trump, in addition to being hella funny on the campaign trail, thinks she ought to be punished somehow for her nonviable pregnancy, so she’s your target audience for this question.

Would you tell an immigrant family or a Muslim family, “I’m willing to take the chance that you might be deported or denied legal entry into the United States, so that I won’t be bored at all in the next eight years?” Would you tell it to their kids? I can translate it into Arabic, if you like. If that would make it easier.

Would you tell a father who’s getting food stamps because the minimum wage won’t buy both milk and diapers, “Yeah, I know it’s nice to have reasonable assurances that your baby is gonna eat today but I just want to see what color Trump would paint the Roosevelt Room.” After which of his two jobs do you think it would be best to approach him with your views?

These are tough questions. Take a minute. Here’s some paper and a No. Fucking 2 pencil in case you need to show your work.

You’d better come prepared to show your fucking work, you fucking clowns.

And I know, okay, #notallSandersvoters. This isn’t about the callow youth or even the callow rich. I’ve heard much of the same from middle-class people who say they are “independent” because they don’t really have politics beyond what they’ve picked up from the Today show and they can’t defend a single argument. I’ve heard this from lots of Republicans: Yeah, Trump’s a moral monster whose every third utterance makes me want to drink turpentine but at least it won’t be DULL, DUDE.

Ha ha ha, so funny.

The reason this has been the worst election, the most stressful election, the most infuriating election I can remember isn’t that the Republican nominee is a garbage disaster. It’s not that he’s supported by white supremacists or that he stirs up religious bigotry or that his followers assault protesters and the homeless. It’s not even that he’s opened up America’s racist septic tank and let us all take a nice, deep whiff.

The reason this election has been such a reeking, rotten clusterfuck is that far too many of the people who are supposed to be taking this shit seriously are apparently unable to conceive of any reason to even HAVE a presidential election except to give them something to watch.

They’re unable to imagine, for example, their FOOD or their SHELTER depending on the outcome of a presidential election. They’re unable to conceive that their health care might be vetted by some crucifix-humping jackass who doesn’t even know how pregnancy works.

So they shit on protesters and they disregard everyone on the internet yelling LISTEN UP DIPSHITS and they act like the only consequence to the country from a Trump presidency would be the EMBARRASSMENT they would suffer. Like we can get to how you’re telling everybody in St. Tropez that you’re bummed to be American once we finish worrying about how people might actually starve.

So if you’re one of these people, who’s been saying all over the Internets that hey, at least Trump’s inauguration will be like a TOTAL TITTY FEST, try to imagine saying that to somebody whose life is at stake. Because somebody’s is. Lots of somebodies.




  1. you are assuming the tRUMP voters actually think. can you say truthiness? trump is gonna beat hillary on GUTS.

  2. Well, nobody could call the era of WWII boring, so they have that, I guess, just as they lack that spark of empathy which I think makes us human.

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