But All the Billionaires Will Leave Town!

Apparently nobody’s going Galt after all: 

States that levy a “millionaires tax” risk chasing those millionaires away to Florida, Texas, and other places with no income tax. Hedge fund manager David Tepper’s recent decision to move from New Jersey to Florida, possibly creating a billionaire-size hole in Jersey’s budget, raised alarms. Golf great Phil Mickelson, shortly after his infamous Dean Foods stock trade, complained about his high tax rate in California and threatened to move to Florida.

Now, a study based on 13 years of tax data finds that most millionaires don’t move cross-country just to avoid a tax bill. It turns out that the rich, while perhaps different from us, aren’t all that mobile. When they do move, it’s often for reasons that have nothing to do with taxes. For one thing, they appear to like the beach.

Shocking to me that super-rich people will whine and throw a tantrum and then do nothing real about it.


2 thoughts on “But All the Billionaires Will Leave Town!

  1. Yeah. Those wealthy whiners and the ones who live ramshackle have the same mindset when it comes to taxes. One group whinges about “moving to another State” while the other whinges about their taxes being raised to HELP OTHERS but that same group doesn’t mind the tax increases on their beloved cigarettes and piss water aka beer!
    I’m going to take care of everything when I’m elected President: https://atypical60.com/2016/05/29/im-officially-running-for-president-of-these-united-states-move-over-donald-and-hillary/

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